China never tolerates any attempt to provide umbrella for 'Taiwan independence' separatist activities: FM spokesperson

China will never tolerate any attempt by anyone to provide an umbrella for "Taiwan independence" separatist activities under whatever pretexts, foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin

said on Friday.

Wang made the remarks at a regular press conference in response to a U.S. official's remarks on Chinese People's Liberation Army's joint military drills surrounding the island of Taiwan. The U.S. official urged China to act with restraint.

Taiwan is China's Taiwan and the United States is in no position to point its fingers at China, Wang said, adding that the tensions in the Taiwan Strait are caused by the DPP authorities' attempt to solicit U.S. support for "Taiwan independence" and the attempt of some in the United States to use Taiwan to contain China in the name of regional peace and stability.

If the U.S. side truly wants to keep the Taiwan Strait peaceful and stable, it should unequivocally uphold the one-China principle and oppose "Taiwan independence," Wang said.

Wang said the world has spoken up for justice. Over the past few days, political leaders and people from various sectors in many countries have reaffirmed their commitment to the one-China principle and support for China's opposition to "Taiwan independence" separatist activities and the cause for national reunification, which once again demonstrates that the international community's abiding commitment to the one-China principle is simply unshakable, Wang added.

He said attempts for "Taiwan independence" will lead nowhere, anyone who connives at and supports "Taiwan independence" will get burned for playing with fire, and nothing will deter China from upholding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"We will do anything necessary to thwart any attempt for 'Taiwan independence,'" the spokesperson added.










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